RPM –  At MECA Realty, we have been a family-owned, full-service management company for over 30 years.  Our unique size allows a more hands-on approach, with approx 500 properties today.  We are focused on our owners and strive to build lasting relationships by providing exceptional service.  We feel that we are a great company to manage your property.

Accounting Services

We have a great software system that helps us track your income, expenses, and much more. We will make sure that you are never left wondering what’s going on financially with your properties.

  • Accounts Payable – we can show you exactly where your money goes each month
  • Accounts Receivable – we have constant contact with any tenants who get behind, but most importantly, we screen them to make sure we have solid, reliable tenants.
  • Security Deposits – collect and prepare disbursements
  • Monthly Income and Expense Statements – each month you will have a complete breakdown of your properties and units


  • Applicant Screening – unreliable and risky tenants cost a lot of money and time! We work to avoid that by screening all tenants thoroughly by completing credit checks
  • Enforce Rules and Regulations – we understand if you don’t want smoking or pets in your building
  • Inspections – completed at move-in, move-out, and yearly
  • Process evictions when necessary

Market Analysis

  • Analyze comparable market rents
  • Determine the availability of similar space
  • Establish market concessions/amenities
  • Compare market rents annually and implement increases in rents accordingly

Tenant Relations

We put our resident’s requests at the top of our list. We feel a happy tenant is one we will keep for years. We have great, friendly relationships with the tenants while also enforcing rules.

  • Maintain regular communication with residents
  • Process all maintenance requests
  • Yearly inspections
  • Counsel residents as needed

Property Management Fee Schedule

Thank you for your interest in MECA Realty. The following information details our property management fees and requirements:

  • Our management fee is 9% of the monthly rental rate.
  • A lease-up fee, equal to 50% of the month’s rent, is due and payable each time a new tenant is placed at the property.
  • There is a $10 per month accounting fee per unit.
  • If within the first six months of management, the owner chooses to cancel, a $250 cancellation fee will apply.
  • We require $350 paid at the time of signing which is deposited into your account and credited toward any future fees, for example, lease-up fees, accounting fees, etc.

Website Marketing

  • Our Website: www.mecarealty.com
  • Rentals.com: www.rentals.com. This website is linked to a network of about 40 other websites to get maximum exposure.
  • Carolina Multiple Listing Service:www.carolinamls.com
    • This service links to Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Zumper, Redfin, Realtor.com, Rent.com, and ApartmentGuide.  Along with various other syndicated websites and other real estate company websites.

Other Marketing Information

  • Signage: We place a MECA Realty For Lease sign at all properties where applicable. Yard and window signs are available. This is one of our most powerful marketing tools!
  • Lock Boxes: We put a lock box on most properties for Realtor showing purposes. This makes the process easy and convenient for Realtors!
  • Interior Photos: We keep updated interior photos of all properties to use in our online advertising.